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About Us

Turning Places Kids Go Into Places Kids Grow

The Kaleidoscope Project is a collaborative community initiative focused on the social and emotional development of Wake County children. From research, we’ve learned that the places where kids spend time and the relationships they build in those places are critical to a child’s well-being and resilience throughout their entire life.

There are many of us across Wake County who are contributing to our children’s development. Yet, we don’t always have time to learn from, or build upon, each other’s efforts. Kaleidoscope was created to do just that: to inspire collaboration, to share best practices, to exchange ideas, to improve local sites, and to provide caregivers, parents and policy makers with resources.

Funded by the John Rex Endowment, The Kaleidoscope Project works in partnership with:
CounterPart Consulting, LLC
Partners for Impact
Inspired and catalytic community action is possible if:
  • There is an awareness about why mental health is important and what works to build it.
  • We all see our roles and there is a commitment to take action.
  • Every setting in which children spend time is intentionally created to help them do well in life.
  • Decision makers know what needs to happen and they direct resources toward investments that strategically build whole kids.

The Kaleidoscope Project is dedicated to:

  • Improving the social and emotional well-being of children from birth to 8 years old
  • Implementing strategies that will have a positive influence on Wake County children, especially those that are vulnerable
  • Inspiring and catalyzing more widespread community action
Read the blueprint for action that inspired The Kaleidoscope Project

Why the name The Kaleidoscope Project?

Look through a kaleidoscope and you will always see a new perspective. With light shining in, there are many possibilities for individual pieces to come together and for something beautiful to emerge.

The Kaleidoscope Project is similar. We are bringing together a collection of voices, ideas and action for the benefit of Wake County children. Just like a kaleidoscope, when we all come together we can create endless possibilities to help our kids see more positive futures.