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Partners for Impact

Partners for Impact

About Partners for Impact

Partners for Impact helps you create IMPACT through strengthening the effectiveness of your organization, collaborative, or coalition.  

Develop Resources
- Grant writing​
- Board and staff training on resource development
- Designing campaign materials and resources  

Strengthen Networks
- Creating a common agenda for the network
- Mapping the system
- Facilitating conversations
- Clarifying roles in the network
- Creating the collective story for both internal and external audiences​
- Identifying opportunities to create partnerships
- ​Creating a common agenda for the network  

- Program design  
- Materials design
- Website design ​
- Grant making process​​
- Design for change process  

Build Leadership
- One on one executive support
- Board development and training
- Nonprofit board governance policy development
- Support and guide leaders through organizational or system change  

- Collective Impact
- Adaptive Leadership
- Program evaluation
- Fundraising 
- Board governance

- Evaluation of collective impact or community change initiatives
- Systems evaluation
- Program monitoring and evaluation ​

- Facilitative listening sessions
- Use of qualitative data collection methods and analysis 
- ​Organizational assessments ​
- Strategic Planning

Stan Holt


Stan Holt, PhD is the Senior Advisor with Partners for Impact and will be the lead consultant for the proposed work. Stan brings over 29 years of experience in the nonprofit sector having served as a development director, an executive director and a funder. He holds a PhD in Public Administration with an emphasis on nonprofit management and governance and he has taught in the MPA programs at both NCCU and NCSU. As an adjunct faculty he is currently teaching the Program Evaluation class for Master's level students at NCSU. Stan served as the lead evaluator for Fostering Wellness, a collective impact initiative funded by Glaxo-Smith Kline. He developed the plan along with other project staff. Because the project was new, the approach focused on the formative stages of the project. He identified key measurement instruments that could be used at entrance and exit for the changes young people experienced. He spent time with the project staff as they worked through implementation issues and also helped assess the overall nature of the collaborative.


For nearly 30 years, Charlene has had a varied career in the public sector with experience in small nonprofits, major universities, and local government agencies. Her skillset includes evaluation, program planning, strategy development, and systems change. She combines her love of numbers and research with hands-on experience to help organizations explore creative, data-driven, realistic solutions to systemic challenges. As a nonprofit consultant, she has brought her commitment to authentic community-building, engagement, and addressing racial equity to coordinating multi-disciplinary, inter-agency teams and working with local and state-wide systems. She also serves on the Board of Directors of several nonprofit organizations.

Charlene holds an MPA and a doctorate in Public Administration with a research focus on organizational theory, public participation, and civic engagement. She enjoys teaching and learning and is committed to making the world a better place.