At the Kaleidoscope Project, we’re dedicated to bringing the Wake County community together to strengthen our children’s places and spaces, and we recognize that it takes collaboration from every sector. Our friends at the John Rex Endowment have shared tips for coaching adults to promote the positive mental health of children.


Parents and preschool teachers receive learning opportunities

Wake County is fortunate to have two large-scale, proven programs in place to coach adults to provide young children with basic social, emotional, and behavioral skills. One program focuses on parents while the other concentrates on teachers.

A network of 35 Raleigh-based organizations boast that almost 300 providers are newly trained and certified in the internationally acclaimed Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®. These providers are available to support parents to address and prevent behavioral and emotional problems, big and small. Administered by Project Enlightenment, the hands-on program teaches best practices while at the same time encouraging parents to find out what works best for them as a family.

Teachers in 90 Wake County Public School System preschool classrooms are trained in the evidence-based practices of the SEFEL (Social-Emotional Foundations for Early Learning) framework of instruction, which promotes children’s social skills and decreases problem behaviors. Led by the N.C. Department of Instruction and Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, teachers participate in classroom coaching sessions to learn various strategies to help children understand and express their emotions, interact with others, and to build positive relationships.

To learn about local community programs that support emotional well-being, visit John Rex Endowment’s blog for the full post.