The Kaleidoscope Project is proud to announce the newest addition to our passionate team, project director Angie Welsh. Welsh brings decades of experience in community impact initiatives, with previous positions at United Way of the Greater Triangle, on the Board of Wake County Human Services, as chair of Wake SmartStart’s Board of Directors, and as a consultant with Youth Thrive

“We are thrilled Angie is joining the team,” said Pam Hartley, The Kaleidoscope Project Steering Committee member and vice president of Play Initiatives at Marbles Kids Museum. “Her expertise in building collaborative initiatives will help our community engage with this innovative initiative impacting Wake County kids. Welsh will direct the project work plan and work with the Steering Committee to ensure successful implementation of project strategies, including the enhancement of nine Wake County children’s places and spaces, and engagement of Wake County leaders.”

“I am committed to the promise of aligned collective action in solving our most complex problems,” said Welsh. “The Kaleidoscope Project brings together diverse partners to improve the social and emotional well-being of children from birth to 8-years-old. Young children’s experiences and environments matter—not only in the moment, but for a healthy and successful life to come. It is exciting to envision the impact Kaleidoscope will make for Wake County young children, especially those most vulnerable.”

Before joining Kaleidoscope, Welsh worked as a consultant with Youth Thrive, another John Rex Endowment-funded collective impact initiative that amplifies the reach of what is available to youth in Wake County by increasing communication, identifying gaps, and aligning resources for youth programs and services.

Welsh currently serves on the Board of Wake County Human Services, where she is the chair of the Social Services Committee. She also serves as the chair of Wake SmartStart’s Board of Directors. 

Until August 2016, Welsh served as the senior vice president of community impact at United Way of the Greater Triangle, where she led the organization’s community impact, agency certification, and community investment work. She was instrumental in developing and implementing a more focused agenda for the organization. In her 15-year career with United Way of the Greater Triangle, Welsh worked with hundreds of community agencies, experts, and volunteers to invest more than $130 million in health and human service programs in the Triangle.

The future is bright for The Kaleidoscope Project under the thoughtful direction and leadership of Angie Welsh. We’re thrilled to welcome her aboard.