Accessible Entry: Sassafras All Children's Playground

The Best Practice: Enhance Accessibility and Inclusion

"Accessible entry into play space includes multiple entry points along a border of a play area and is provided through "flush access"."

The Place: Sassafras All Children's Playground 

Located at Laurel Hills Park on Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh, Sassafras All Children's Playground was designed with children of all physical capabilities in mind. Sassafras is a great example of a local playground that puts the “power of play” into practice. With multiple points of entry, children with different mobilities are able to gain access to the different playground features. These entry points include curbless entry, wide ramps, smooth surfaces, and various climbing features.

The park epitomizes many of The Kaleidoscope Project’s best practices, including enhancing accessibility and inclusion, using nature to nurture, building positive relationships, and creating inviting spaces and activities.

Give It A Try:

Do your spaces and play areas have accessible entry? Test them out! Do a walk through of your doorways, hallways, and entry points into play areas. Are there any bumps, ridges, or obstacles in the way that would make it challenging for wheels to go over? Look for smooth, seamless transitions from one space to the next. Does the only entry point require a child to climb over or up something to partake in the fun?

Here are some tips to get started on make some changes:

  • Add additional entry points or adjust existing ones. An example, add a ramp in addition to existing stairs.
  • Have play materials at an accessible level for children and adults using a wheelchair.

Learn From The Experts:

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